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How do we prepare our Cars?

Anyone thats used one of our cars on a track day will know that our attention to detail is incomparable to anyone else. It's very simple our cars are our pride and joy, we not only prepare our cars to be reliable and safe on circuit but we also pay a great amount of attention to how our car looks because not all preparation is done under the bonnet!

A couple of the items that were done to our GR Yaris before we gave it the sign off for it's first track day are:

Full PPF covering from our friends at Wrap Capital these guys are without a doubt the best in the business when it comes to vehicle wrapping! The self healing PPF ensures that our GR is fully protected from gravel missiles & debris when out on track!

Another area which not only keeps our GR Yaris looking good but also assists us with vehicle maintenance is the application of a specific Gtechniq Wheel and brake calliper ceramic coat, with on track brake temperatures reaching over 300 degrees this coating stops the ultra hot brake dust from sticking to the wheels and the brake callipers meaning our GR Yaris always looks on point..

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